The Reunion


Joseph anxiously awaited the word that his family had arrived in Egypt.  He had his chariots ready to make the journey as soon as he knew they were near.  He had longed to see his father since the day he was sold into slavery.  Finally the time was drawing near. It had seemed to Joseph that time had stood still. The brothers were taking too long to return to Egypt. Had something happened to them on the way? Was his father ill?

Then Judah appeared seeking directions. And Joseph knew they were very close. Quickly Joseph summoned his chariots and made his way toward Goshen to meet his father.  Joy overflowed his heart where sadness and longing for home had once been.  Once he had his arms around his father all these feelings would disappear.

Jacob could barely stand the long trip.  He was weary from the long ride but his only thought was hurry, hurry-we must hurry.  I must see Joseph.  His arms ached to hold his precious son once more.  Jacob could not bear to be apart from Joseph even one more minute.

As Jacob’s caravan moved further into Goshen, Joseph chariots were moving   closer to him  until finally they could see each other in the distance.  At that sight Joseph released his horses to run as fast as they could go and soon he was standing with open arms inches away from his father.

They embraced each other and suddenly the flood of tears held back from the long years apart came gushing forth. All they could do was the hold each other and weep.  To see each other’s face was a delight and words simply could not express how they were feeling.  So they simply wept and held each other tight.


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Genesis 45                                                                                                        Genesis 48