The Blessings of Jacob

In Genesis 48-49, the Bible details for us the blessings Jacob gives his sons on his deathbed.  He calls them to gather around to bless them.

In Genesis 48, Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim-Joseph’s sons and adopts them as his own.  He then gives Joseph a blessing apart from the blessings of his brothers.

Genesis 49 states that Jacob called his twelve sons to gather around him as he is nearing death.  Jacob will pronounce the blessing to each son.

Blessings were important to the family because it represented the bestowal of a divine gift or favor inspired by God.  To this family of Jacob, this was the last act of their patriarch and heir to the promises of  Isaac and Abraham. It was part of the rite of passing the covenant and inheritance from one generation to the next.

Jacob’s Blessings  Handout

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