Meet “Gina Sewell”

I’m a wife, mom and grandma. I’ve been writing devotionals for only a short time. I was born again in 2010. So many trials I have been through, but God has carried me through them all. I am presently working on a website and also, I’ve just began working on a book.



Gina’s Faith Story

I spent many years of my life living in anger and pain. My mom, who was such a wonderful, christian lady, was involved in a terrible accident that caused her to forget everything, including me. She was my very best friend, so that was very hard on me. Plus, I am an only child, so I had no help with taking care of her. And I became so very angry with God for “letting something like that happen” to someone who had done nothing in her whole life except to live for the Lord. After I eventually had to put her in assisted living, I began a downward spiral in my life. It took a few years, but I finally came back to God and when I did He was waiting with open arms. He strengthened me to take care of my mom in her last couple of years.
He has given me back so many of the things I lost while living the life I was living. I have found forgiveness, I have found love and I have finally found peace.

More about Gina

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Gina’s website: Greatly Embodden