Glorifying God


Do you ever get overwhelmed, wondering if you’re doing enough for God? We want to glorify God, but when does that actually occur? Is there a magic number of things we do that surpasses that “glorifying God” threshold?


Or perhaps, like me, you see the endless needs in the world – poverty, child hunger, injustice, childhood abandonment, broken marriages, depression, grief, broken hearts…. And you wonder how it is possible to bring the light of Jesus to all of these situations. Any attempts I make seem like a drop in the ocean. A few ripples but little lasting change.


How do we glorify God anyway? “Glorifying God” can seem like a nebulous, vague command.


“I have glorified You on the earth by completing the work You gave me to do” (John 17: 4).


If anyone had reason to be overwhelmed at the sheer abundance of need in the world, it was Jesus. He, as man, must have been tempted to feel like he couldn’t possibly do it all. And he, as God, could see the immense need all around him more so than we do. Yet, here he was at the end of his life – completely at peace. His focus was not on the ones he didn’t heal or the towns he didn’t reach. His focus was on the fact that he completed his task.


He glorified God. He glorified God by completing the work God had given Him to do.


Why would I put more on my shoulders than Jesus did? All that is required of me is to complete the work God has given me to do. But how do we know what work God has given us to do? It probably isn’t as complex as I think. For example, today, God has told me to love my husband and my children. Loving my husband means to work to make our home a sanctuary for him as he works a hard job. Loving my children means to spend time with them, teaching them, and valuing them.


Today, I will take time to write because God has told me through His word to use the gifts I’ve been given to minister to others. So, I take time to write.


Today, I will work on a project I’ve committed to for church because God has told me to serve in this area. And as I have opportunity, I will seek to love and minister to friends and family. I will pray for divine appointments to minister to anyone who crosses my path. Glorifying God doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be unobtainable. Every need in the world isn’t my responsibility – just what God has given me to do. Nothing more, nothing less.


Jill McSheehy