God Creates Land and Seas


While preparing these devotionals I did research, and some commentators presumed to give their explanation of how God achieved His amazing feats of creation, but I do not presume to known. However, with my vision a gift from Him, I enjoy beauties of the earth and space above earth we call sky. The many things I don’t understand, I accept by faith based on the few words we are given in the Bible about creation.

And scripture tells us that on the third day God gathered together water into one place, and said let dry land appear, and it was so. And He called the dry land earth, and waters which God gathered into in specific areas He called seas, and at sometime there became oceans, lakes, rivers, creeks, springs, and other tributaries or streams. I don’t presume to say how these came into being, but believe seas includes other bodies of water. Of course in more recent years, we have man made ponds and lakes, but only God could make the vast oceans.

And we are not given the specifics, but the dry land included mountains, boulders, hills, valleys and soil was made up of sand, clay, gravel, and other varieties. And with cycles of evaporation and condensation some forms of vegetation began on day three.

Again we see that our Creator is an orderly God: each new day of creation is dependent on the previous day: before vegetation could grow God created light on day one; air and water on day two, and on day three land is provided before plants can grow.  A question may arise in your minds: since sun is created later, from whence comes the light on the first day of creation? But probably already you know the answer. The first few days of creation, light came from God’s radiance. Remember Jesus said He is the light of the world, and we are told that in the New Jerusalem there will be no need for sun or other lights: because God will be our light.


Heavenly Father, thank You for the light You provide during times of darkness. Jesus said His followers are to be lights to the world; so today, help me allow Your light to shine through my life and bless others. Jesus made this possible; so I pray and thank You in His name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby