God Creates Sun Moon and Stars


Genesis 1: 14-18 “And God said let there be lights in the huge space of sky: let them separate day from night; let them serve as signs to mark seasons, and days and years. Let them serve as lights in a huge space of the sky to give light on earth, therefore, that happened: the larger light ruled by day, and the lesser light ruled by night. God also made the stars. He place the lights in the sky to give light on earth, and to rule over the day and night, and to separate light from darkness.

‘But someone might say, “But I thought on day one God created light.”

That is correct in a sense, but that was a general light when compared to total darkness existing everywhere. Then on day four the sun, moon and stars were placed in the sky.

I have endeavored to use a plausible way to illustrate this light: perhaps it would be similar to pulling the drapes on a cloudy day to allow more light in a dark room. Pulling drapes will allow more light, but still needing more direct light lighting, a floor lamp with a large bulb and two tables lamps are used for that purpose.

Though I don’t know much about scientific aspects of the constellations, I am thankful for days of sunny weather; however, but sun is a mighty force. I read that its diameter is estimated to be 822, 145 English miles, and its circumference is 2,582,873 miles, and its solid contents are said to be 290, 971, 000,000,000,000 pounds. That estimation would make the sun a hundred times larger than earth. And even with the protective shield God provides, the super hot rays of sun are harmful to man.

While younger and working on our farm, we didn’t know about sun screen and many days I didn’t wear a big brim hat and long sleeves on my arms. As a consequence during later life, I am plagued with skin cancers.


Heavenly Father, Thanks for creating such an orderly, and beautiful world in which we live. Though unaware of Your being its Creator, while growing up in the country, I enjoyed many of Your awesome acts of creation. One of those pleasures was at night looking into the sky decorated with its thousands of twinkling stars. I’ve been one of Your children during many years and I thank and praise You for Your amazing blessings. When I trusted Jesus as my personal Savior, and through my faith in Him, I was adopted into Your royal family. Jesus made the difference; so I pray and praise You in His precious name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby