God’s Grace Included Me



God’s Grace Included Me



Even before my conception God had a plan for my life: for while in my mother’s womb He used my father’s and mother’s genes and DNA and formed my body. I did not know that as a girl, and thought I was ugly. I remember my mother’s reminding me something could happen that would really affect my appearance. I realize that I am no beauty queen, but have learned to be rather satisfied with my appearance. Really beauty is only skin deep; it’s what is on the inside that is important.

Also God had a plan for my life before conception; so it was no accident.  I became a teacher.  Even as a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, however, that didn’t seem very likely.

I was the eldest of ten children, grew upon a farm, did not make good grades during high school, graduated from high school in 1936 during the depression, and had no hope of receiving a college education. Then I married in 1938 and became a housewife but still had no real purpose in life.

But God had not forgotten me.  On August 9, 1939, with very little knowledge of the Bible, during a tent revival my husband and I professed Jesus as our Savior and were baptized.

Wish I could tell you that I lived happily ever after, but not so.  Satan did not want to let go of my life.  He knew he could not reclaim my life, but he would try to convince me that I really was not a Christian, and I struggled with doubt. I did not know at salvation, that the Holy Spirit came to dwell in my heart; so I didn’t understand the battle being fought between Spirit and flesh.

Praise God, finally with the Holy Spirit’s counsel, studying and teaching God’s Word, and learning that sanctification takes a life time, God has given me assurance I needed.


Heavenly Father, though Satan knew he could not reclaim my life, I believe he knew the plan You had for my life and tried to hinder it. Thank You, for grace to continue serving You even while under going a severe struggle. Thank You for help of the Holy Spirit and for Jesus in whose name I pray. Amen.


Doris Lisemby