God’s Grace Manifested




God’s Grace Manifested


Have you ever considered that it was out of Grace that God took a great void of nothing and formed the beautiful world in which we live? He took an empty, dark void of nothing and created the world. He separated water and land, night from day, and created the beautiful Garden of  Eden.

Then when everything was completed, out of His grace, He created Adam in His Own image and placed him in the garden to keep it.  God realized Adam would be lonely without a companion; so He took a rib from Adam’s body and created Eve.  He told them to till the soil, subdue it, rule over it, and to multiply.

They could eat fruit from every tree in the garden except from the Tree of Good and Evil, but  if they ate that fruit, they would die.  Adam and Eve really had prospects for a good life, but what  a tragedy that they listened to Satan and caused all people be born with a sinful nature.

As time passed, men become more and more sinful; so finally God decided to destroy the people on  earth and sent a flood; however, Noah was a righteous man; so God spared his life and that of his wife, his sons and their wives. God gave Noah instructions and dimensions of an ark he was to build, and told him which animals and how many he was to take into the ark. Then after the flood Noah made an offering to God, and He promised never again would the entire earth be covered with flood waters and gave the rainbow as reminder of that promise.


Father, thank You for your mercy and grace. Man does not deserve your blessings, but thank You for Jesus, who made these blessings possible by giving His sinless Son to atone for our sins. I thank You and pray in His name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby