God’s Love and Faithfulness




Scripture: Psalm 36:4 – “Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

Message: My grief journey has been coated with God’s enduring love and faithfulness. Yes, to this day (almost 6 years later) I yearn for those days with that beautiful, spunky, and just almost perfect Lila Kate! Yes, to this day I still fall into tangles with my rush of emotions and those waves still crash with those gloomy days (even though the sun shines brightly). And yes, it’s at times still frustrating during those little spells (especially with my outgoing and bubbly personality) but over the years I’ve learned how to better accept my emotions and what to do in the midst of such. Yes, everyday I still love Lila Kate so that means I honestly hurt everyday but it’s not the same hurt everyday. It’s like a scab now, sometimes it starts to bleed every once in awhile. And yes now more than ever, I look forward to the day where God will heal me completely and I’ll see Him face to face along with that beautiful, spunky, and just almost perfect Lila Kate! I’m impatient for heaven sometimes but at the same time I want to be fully aware of the God-given tasks that have my name upon in order to be an instrument used in His hand. As are you.

One of my favorite little encounters (thus far) of seeing God use someone else in my life to be a timely instrument in my particular season of grief is a vivid reminder of God’s faithfulness. I was visiting with our pastor (who has been a total blessing in helping me through the foggy grief) and I shared with him that I recently was wondering how other people tackle their grief. With that, I asked God to cross my paths with someone who I could relate my emotions with. Yes, grief is different on everyone but God did design us to need each other especially during trails. So literally within weeks, God showed me the exact person who would end up being the biggest unexpected blessing upon this journey (thus far). God didn’t simply answer this prayer but He went above and beyond in showing me this person within our church family. I will always be beyond thankful for this friendship even if it’s simply for a season or two; the positive impact that I’ve seen and how I have seen a friendship bloom from such a dark point will always remind me of God’s faithfulness.

Call to action: If you are struggling, ask God to cross your paths with someone who can help you. You weren’t made to do it alone. If you aren’t struggling, who might you be the “hand of God” to? Recall Job’s friends.

Allie Braitenberg