God’s Plan Temporarily Interrupted

Scripture: And it grieved God that He had made man. Genesis 6: 1

God had great plans for man when created, and although his sin was not a surprise; perhaps it was a disappointment. He had created man, and sent the flood that destroyed all people on earth except righteous Noah and his family.

But as always God had a plan: He told Noah to build an ark and told him exactly how to build it and its dimensions. Then God told him which animals, and other living creatures to take on the ark, and the number to take.

We are not told how much time that took, but when completed, and all creatures and Noah’s family in the ark, the door was closed and it rained forty days and nights. According to one article I read, the flood began while Noah was six hundred years old, and water remained on earth one hundred ten days. But after the ark landed, on Mt. Ararat, Noah built an altar and worshipped God. And God caused a rainbow to appear in the sky as a symbol of His promise never to destroy the entire earth with a flood.


Prayer thought: Though God was disappointed with man, He gave us the rainbow as His promise never to destroy the earth again by a flood. During the twenty-first century people are very sinful, and there are many disasters, but God is long suffering and wants man to repent and be redeemed. Since that is made possible  through one’s personal faith in Jesus  as personal Savior, we thank You in His name. Amen.