God’s Plan to Deliver Israelite Evacuees


A man of the house of the Lord married a Levite woman and a male child was born to them. His name was Moses and he was born during a time all male babies were not allowed to live.  So Jocabed, his mother, made a reed basket, put some tar and pitch on the outside to waterproof it, placed her baby in it, took it to the Nile River, hid it among some tall reeds, and his sister hid herself and watched to see what happened.One day while the Pharaoh’s daughter was bathing in the river, her servant saw the basket and Moses was raised in the palace as her son.

After Moses became a man, one day he saw an Egyptian mistreating a Hebrew and killed him. After the Pharaoh heard about it, he ordered Moses killed; therefore, Moses fled to Midian.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for always providing a way of escape for Your children; many times we do not know what our futures hold, but trust you with results. Amen.


Doris Lisemby