God’s Power

Day by Day Devotions


And God said…And it was so.”

This phrase is scattered throughout the first chapter of Genesis. All of Scripture begins with a statement of God’s power. He simply speaks, and things happen: light appears and is separated from the darkness; the waters and skies are split; dry land appears and plants burst forth from the ground; the sun, moon, and stars fill the sky; animals begin roaming the waters, skies, and land.

Our God has the power to speak things into creation. That would be amazing enough if we were talking about just the things here on earth—but it’s way more than that.

God spoke, and light formed out of darkness.

God spoke, and the stars began to burn and planets were spun into orbit around them.

God spoke, and life shot up out of nothing.

God spoke, and time itself began.

And God said…And it was so.”

Mandy’s devotions are excerpts from her
28-day devotional
Glimpses of His Magnificence

Mandy Kilbourn