Going Deep in Trust





The definition of trust is the belief that someone is reliable, good, and able. If we apply this definition to God we would say that we believe He will come through for us, that His intentions are good towards us, and that He is able to lead and keep us.

We are to trust in the Lord with all our heart Proverbs 3: 5. The word used here for trust in Hebrew is batach and means to trust, be confident, and be sure in. We find this same word is used again in Jeremiah 17: 7. Blessed is the man who is confident or sure in the Lord. The definition of confidence is to believe in the trustworthiness or reliability of a person. We might say blessed is the man who believes that God is trustworthy and reliable.

We come to believe that God is trustworthy by walking with Him and by experiencing Him daily.  Our trust in God is built in the “small” things such as the understanding He grants into His Word, the conversation which came to pass after we prayed about it, or the financial need that was supernaturally met.  All these things build our trust or confidence in God.  It is built little by little until we realize that we have full confidence in Him alone.  We know that He is fully trustworthy and reliable.  He has come through for us every time and we know that He will in the future also.

How can we go deeper from here? How can we enter into a further level of trust in God? We can ask Him. We ask God to take us deeper and for Him to provide opportunities to do so. These opportunities arise in places where He calls us out into the unknown. We don’t know what we are getting into, but we trust God when He calls us…and so we step forth.

About 8 years ago during a time of prayer I asked God if there was anything else I could be doing for Him.  I felt heavily impressed that I should minister in our local jail.  I thought it was odd seeing that I didn’t know anything about jail ministry, I knew no-one involved, and I knew nothing about what they did.  But, I trusted the Lord and said yes.  From there it took several years of waiting on God to get my foot in the door.  He kept that desire alive until His perfect time.  I have now been ministering in the jail for some years and it has been an incredible blessing to me to do so.  I have learned countless lessons from God in my time there and have seen many wonderful things.

If I hadn’t trusted the Lord when I couldn’t see the outcome, I would have missed the blessing. This is why it says, “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.” We truly are blessed when we trust in the Lord…even when we can’t see the outcome.  What is the Lord asking you to trust Him in today?  What has He placed in your heart?  My dear sister, don’t try and figure it all out! But rather, trust Him and go deeper in that trust by stepping out in faith into what He is asking of you.


Tina Wanamaker