Going Deeper in Obedience


Today we will be discussing going deeper in obedience to God.  The definition of obedience is to be compliant with an order or request.  It is simply doing what is asked of us.  How does God ask us to do things? He asks through the Bible, through authority figures, through the law, and through us listening for Him. There have been times when I didn’t want to be obedient. Such as when we had first become believers and I read in the Bible that I needed to submit to my husband. What? I didn’t want to do that.  But, I had already told the Lord that my answer to Him would always be yes, and so my answer was…yes.

I so desired to be obedient to God as a new believer…and still do.  I have found through the years that obedience to God has brought me liberty, blessing, peace, and protection.  Obedience to God takes practice.  We don’t always get it right. We can think of it like riding a bike.  We get on and we fall off. Over time we get better and better until we don’t fall off so much anymore.  There are occasions where we still find ourselves in the dirt, but we pick ourselves up and get back on the bike.

A few years after we began our walk with Christ, I was asking God to train me in obedience.  I felt a prompting to go and share about God’s love with a local shop owner.  After time in prayer, I went in.  And…I went out again without speaking to her of the Lord.  I wasn’t obedient to God!  As I drove away, I knew I had to go back.  For the second time I entered her shop.  I approached and began to tell her how God loved her.  In this case, her response was negative and I was expelled from her shop.  But, I had gone back and done what God had called me to do.  I don’t always get it right…and neither do you, dear sister.  But, thankfully our God is a God of second chances.

Obedience requires humility.  In order to submit to God, we must believe that His way is better than our way.  That He knows better than us.  And because of this, we want to do it His way and not ours.  We bow to His will.  We come under His authority.  And we obey Him.  But there is another level of obedience to God…this is obedience out of love.  We obey because we want to make our Father happy.  We want to do it His way because we want to please Him.

How do we go deeper in obedience to God?  What does that look like?  It looks like us letting God shine His searchlight in our hearts.  It looks like us saying with David, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; Try me, and know my anxieties; And see if there is any wicked way in me, And lead me in the way everlasting” Psalm 139: 23-24. To go deeper in obedience to God, we let Him go deeper in our hearts.  We ask Him to search us and show us if there is any wicked way in us. We ask Him, “God, will you take me to a deeper level of obedience?  Will You show me if there is any area I am not being obedient to You in?”  What about you dear sister…will you ask that with me today?  Will you allow our God to take you to a deeper level of obedience in Him?  Trust me…it is worth it!


Tina Wanamaker