He Is Guiding Our Steps



It was a cool fall afternoon in Endless Mountains of northeastern, PA. The sun was shining and everything was turning brilliant colors all around us.  As much as I love the beach fall is really my favorite season. Maybe because it reminds so much of the season of my life. My husband and I love being outdoors so on this particular day we decided to go hiking at a local state park to see the beautiful waterfalls it is known for.

We enter the park and first we select a trail. There are the beginners, intermediate and expert trails.  We love to workout and exercise however I would not include the word expert in what we do, so we choose intermediate.

We wanted to enjoy time together and get outdoors to connect with God. And as we walked the trails we came to an area that was rocky and had roots erupting from the ground. As I walked I had to consider the placement of each step as to not trip or slip.

Then the thought dropped in my heart “God has ordered and ordained my steps”. WOW talk about overwhelmed! In that moment His presence arrived right there. “He has thought out all of my steps…every single one”. To think that He is ever present with us that He orders every step we take. No matter what obstacles lay in our path He has thought out our steps and keeps the ground clear beneath our feet so that our ankles don’t turn and our feet don’t slip. Even when our path is rocky and the ground uneven our God cares about our steps.

Oh beloved He loves you so much! He cares about the steps you take and the direction your headed but the reality that He is that close to you and with you that every step has been thought about…..ahh overwhelming to soul!

Psalm 37: 23 “He makes firm the step of the one who delights in Him”

Proverbs 16: 9 “we make our plans but the Lord determines our steps”

Psalm 20: 24 “a person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How can anyone understand their own way?”

So rest today knowing He is with you in whatever situation you’re facing He is leading and guiding, watching over every single step you take. That is the Mighty God we serve.

Heart After His,

Sheila Picard