Hear and Obey

I received a major lesson from my child last night and this morning.

Last night the kids had a wet night at church and of course I didn’t read that in the bulletin so Drew had on regular clothes and no towel.  He slid down the big water slide anyway which was fine, however,  when my class was over, I told him it was time to go.

“One more time” he said.
“Ok” I said and he slide down the slide one more time and got back in line.
I said, “Come on, no more.” at least five more times as he inched up in line.

Finally he was at the start and I said, “Drew Davis, you better get over here.  You are not to go down that slide again.”

He proceeded to look right at me and stepped up onto the slide.  So I let Drew do his thing.  And when he got off I said, “I hope you enjoyed that because now you are getting a spanking.”

He got spanked in the parking lot and cried up to high heaven.

He kept saying but I liked doing that.  I asked him if it was worth it? And said “Did you like the spanking that came after your disobedience?”  He said he didn’t like the spanking but he liked doing what he wanted to do.

Fast forward to this morning.  God said, “you are just like Drew sometimes.  You willfully disobey me because you like to do what you want to do.  He said, finally I will let you do what you want to do but not without discipline at the end of it.  Figure out, is it worth it to disobey me. ”

As I sat in the car with Drew this morning, I told him that as adults sometimes his father and I choose to disobey what God tells us to do.

His 4 year old response was God doesn’t talk to us, He is in heaven.  I told him, ” Oh, yes, baby, God does talk to us.  Not like I am talking to you right now where you hear with your ears, but through the Bible, God’s Word.  And sometimes He talks to us through thoughts in our head, but be sure He does talk to us.

We prayed that Drew and Austin would learn to obey his Mother and Father so that when they grow older they will obey God just as quickly.  We prayed for me as his Mother and Frank as his Father to hear and obey God even in the small things.  Because if He can’t trust us with the small things, He won’t give us bigger things.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a Hope and a Future.”  Jeremiah 29: 11

Kelly Davis