His Rock, Your Wave



THE ROCK, His work is perfect; ALL HIS ways are entirely just. A faithful God, without prejudice, HE is righteous and true. (Deuteronomy 32: 4)

Have you ever really examined a rock? I mean really examined it? Or even better, have you ever wondered why a rock is named a rock? Well, let us take a moment to get out of what we are thinking right now and shift to this topic for a few minutes. A rock is a solid mass that is formed by three different mechanisms but the running theme is that it is SOLID. When I woke up this morning, I did not know where God would take me, but He took me to this verse and it really solidified (no pun intended) what we as a people should be directing our attention to during this crisis season.

It is so easy to see our storm as an insurmountable wave that will decimate anything in its path. This is a time in our life that no one was ready to handle, but yet here we are dealing with it. What do you think that says about who you believe in? Maybe, you can do the impossible in an impossible situation? Maybe you can overcome the wave by recognizing who your ROCK is? Maybe you need to shift something out of perspective (your wave) and bring to the forefront what is most important (THE ROCK)? What is your maybe?

I know you may literally feel like you are drowning in whatever you are feeling which most likely is rooted in FEAR of the unknown, BUT GOD friends and family. BUT GOD! He is the ROCK. He is the foundation on which we stand. He is a just GOD. He is faithful. He is! He is! Everything you are worrying about or wondering, shift it to HIM. FOCUS on THE ROCK of your salvation. Praise Him even while you are trying to get out of the wave. Stretch out your hand and reach for His ROCK.

I promise, the worrying that you are doing right now is getting you NOWHERE, but believing, worshipping and focusing on HIM will get you EVERYWHERE. So today and each day, FOCUS on THE ROCK. What does He say about your wave?

You are here today for such a time as this and this too shall pass so bypass your wave, stand on HIS ROCK, seek HIM in everything and worry not.

Stay Encouraged. We are in this together!

Natalie Ragland