Hold It Lightly



“But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” Hebrews 13: 16

Does it belong to you? Or does it belong to God? This question played itself out while Lisa stayed with us. When she was released from jail, Lisa had nothing but a clear plastic bag filled with a few personal items and a Bible. She asked if we could stop at a friend’s house to pick up another bag she was keeping there. We did. Lisa walked away with two half-filled garbage bags of clothing and papers. That’s it. She came home with me that day with very little to show in the way of material items. She had no toothbrush, no hairbrush, no shoes that fit her properly.

Once she was settled in she began asking to borrow items and if I had extra I could spare of some things. I went through my toiletries and God allowed us to be able to fill her needs. We gave of what we had and it was enough. Lisa was happy with little. She was excited when I found an extra jar of unopened face cream. She was so happy with a lip balm. These small things made her day and helped her to feel cared for.

In order to give freely we must hold things lightly. The material things we have are not ours…they are God’s. We have freely received them, we get to freely give. Think of the freedom there is in this. When we are not held to things then we are not bound by them. Lisa was not bound by material goods. She was happy with a lip balm. May we be willing to let the things in life go as the Lord directs…all for His glory. May we hold things lightly dear Christians. May we be willing to give it up and let it go.


Tina Wanamaker