How To Be In The Word When Your Children are Small





Motherhood is crazy. I get it. You barely had time to wash your hair this morning or go to the bathroom without a hand reaching under the door, much less crack your Bible open and read. Someone needs juice, there are diapers to change, places to go, clothes to wash, and the list goes on. There is no rest for the weary mom. 

Or is there? 

Just last week we were rushing into church a little late on Sunday morning. An older gentleman passed me in the hallway and informed I looked a little tired and frazzled. The words that passed through my head and into mouth had to be swallowed. Of course, I am tired and frazzled I am a mom of three kids. But, the only words I could utter were “survival mode is real.” Not that he knew what that meant, but every mama in the room can raise her hand. 

The last thing I wanted to do in all honesty when my kids were little was open the Bible. I had a strong desire but knew it was a pipe dream. I remember however as the years went on the desire grew stronger. So strong in fact that it could no longer be ignored. I wanted more. I wanted to be in God’s Word every single day. I needed to hear from God, and I needed life breathed into my tired body. Chasing little people is a big job, and my heart needed to be fueled by the fire of the Holy Spirit if I was going to keep up. 

Have you been there? 

Weary will come. 

Survival mode will happen. 

But there is rest. There is peace in the midst of the crazy chaos; God is waiting. He has placed His rest open and available to you because He knows you need it. We require it in fact. Rest wasn’t created for God; He doesn’t need rest, He is God. We do, however, need it. Rest from striving to be the best mom, and wife and pushing toward doing all things well. 

You see it’s found in His Word. When we open it, it’s as if a window was open on a spring day; the air is fresh, and the breeze hits you deep within. 

Dear Mama of little ones believe me when I say you can be in His Word every day. Read on your phone, or have your phone read to you (YouVersion Bible App). Open His truth for a few moments during the quiet of nap time or your work lunch break. Listen in the car as you run errands, and place scripture around your home where you can be reminded every day of His Truth. 

There is no right or wrong. Find the pockets, share the Truth with your babies. They will notice a change in you when they see you with a Bible in your hand. 

When our third child was born I nursed him at 6:00 am every morning, I’d place him in the baby swing after he drifted back to sleep. The swing would rock at my feet while I read my Bible for 10-15 minutes every morning. I did it because I wanted it bad enough. With God’s help, I made it through that season. Now my children sleep later and those quiet mornings no longer involve nursing babies, but one thing remains. Being in His Word. I can’t make it through the day without it. 

Are you craving more friend? 

Michelle Rabon