I’m A Slow Learner




I’m a Slow Learner


Though I have found it necessary to wait from birth until almost 100 years of age, I’m still learning to wait patiently.  God is allowing me some difficult circumstances in life through which I must wait. When my husband was drafted to serve in the army, I did my share of waiting: waiting to see where he would receive basic training; where he would be stationed; and when shipped oversea, that was a long wait to hear from him; then the twenty-six months over sea was a very long wait.

There was waiting involved each time we adopted one of our three children, and when Ray had lung cancer, we waiting to see if treatments would help. Now I must wait and wait to see the out-come of the damage to my house by the hurricanes.

Father, during ninety-nine years, I should be a seasoned waiter, but as You know sometimes I’m a slow learner. However, during my waiting I’m having lots of time to reflect on my life and though I do not fully understand, I know You will give me needed strength to endure. I thank and praise You in Jesus’ name.


   Doris Lisemby