I’m a Talker With a Stutter


i’ve been stuttering since i was 5 years old.

i remember my mom and i shopping in our local grocery store and just passing the Little Debbie aisle, second to the toy aisle, (where else would a 5 year old want to be, right?) i don’t remember what i was asking mom, just that i was trying to tell her something and the words were not coming out. i felt like something very strange was happening to me, but i didn’t know what.

we found out my issue was stuttering. one evening i announced to my dad that i was going to stop talking because it was just too hard. peering into my heartbroken eyes, my dad said, “you have so many wonderful things to say! you can’t stop talking.” my family’s unwavering confidence in me has carried me through the years of adolescence into womanhood.

growing up, i took stuttering classes with patient teachers who taught me various techniques and skills. one teacher in particular, pushed me to be in school performances in front of hundreds of people! it’s hard enough talking in general without being on stage! anxious, afraid, and apprehensive i ended up having the time of my life! not only did i recite lines, but it was here i discovered how much joy and relief singing brought me! did you know that it’s scientifically impossible to stutter while singing?

although many years have passed, some days i find myself reverting back to my 5 year old tendencies to be shy, timid, and unsure. when i still the internal noise of my own thoughts, i hear the gentle whisper of my father’s confident words to “keep on keepin’ on”. those words dare me to remember where my speech journey as led me to, and beckons me to bravely stay the course.

i still stutter at times! when i was little i swore i would never have a job answering phones, and… guess what? i’m currently a receptionist. (the irony!) some days at work are super tough. And others, not so much. the truth tucked into the difficulty is that it is hard, but it is life, and life is worth living!

friend, can i share this encouragement? overcoming isn’t always about beating it. rather resolving it’s not going to beat you, and then continuing in that truth every day.

whatever obstacle is in your life, you don’t have to let it beat you. each day extends grace to being again. dare to choose the truth to keep on keepin’ on, friend!

Psalm 129:2 “they have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me.

Lenzi Rose