In Hope

“Rejoicing in hope.” Romans 12: 12. In this chapter of Romans there is a wonderful list of instruction for us to live godly in Christ Jesus. One of these instructions is to rejoice in hope. How do we do that? How shall we be in hope and then also rejoice in it? I am so glad you asked!

We are to rejoice in hope. Rejoice in Greek is chairo and carries the meaning of being cheerful, calmly happy, or well off. This is a place of settled peace and feeling good about what we believe in and stand upon. In this place our convictions have been tested and have held fast. We are calmly happy in this place. Hope is elpis. This word carries the meaning of expecting with pleasure or confidence.

When I was a child I knew that if I rode to the dump with my Dad he would stop at the 7-Eleven and get me and whoever was with me a Slurpee. It was the same every time we went. On the way home we knew we would get a treat. I expected with pleasure that this would occur. I had hope. I was in a place and position of hope.

In a similar way we may look forward with anticipation and expectation to what God says will happen to and for us. We know that He is always with us. That He will never leave us. We have hope here on Earth of certain things. But, our hope extends beyond this Earth. It extends beyond our finite time constraints. It extends beyond our imaginations.

Our hope is rooted in what God says. It is rooted in the vision He gives as we study the Bible. The hope we stand in moves beyond what is seen and into the unseen. We stand in hope. We get to this place in hope as we catch God’s vision for what He has for us as we study His Word. We get to this place as we see God come through time and again, as we better understand His character, and as we live life with Him at the helm. This is where we come to…rejoicing in hope. As we go deeper, we find ourselves in a place of calm and happy well-being in the expectation of what is to come. Can we move out of this position in hope? Yes. If we allow doubt or worry then we have the potential to move out of hope. But, praise the Lord, we can move back in with sincere repentance. And then, once again, we find ourselves in hope.


Tina Wanamaker