Introduction to Waiting

 Introduction to Waiting
I came into this world with an inherent dislike for waiting! When tired of lying in bed and no one appeared to know that I wanted attention, I learned to cry until I received that attention. Then if my mother became involved with her daily activities and my feeding time was a bit late, I cried to get her attention. I loved sitting in her lap, taking nourishment from her breast while she smoothed my hair or patted me and told me how much she loved me. Soon I was so relaxed I went to sleep.
Being her first of ten children, I’m sure she had more time to spend with me, and I loved her attention. And being the second fraternal and maternal granddaughter, I’m sure I was a much loved little girl, who did not learn the art of waiting. However, that short period of euphoria was not to last, and I would not relinquish it without protest.
Heavenly Father, Thank You for parents, grandparents, and others who loved me. They have been gone many years, but
perhaps their influences continue to impact my life.  I pray and thank You in the name of Jesus, who made my life more worthwhile. Amen.

Doris Lisemby