It’s Not What You Do, But Who You Become That Matters!


Somewhere during my journey with the Lord, I got it in my head that the things that I did would somehow validate me.  I went on a wild goose chase caught up in the “doing” and none of it seemed coherent.  These things had absolutely nothing to do with my purpose.  Though they were good things, they weren’t necessarily the things that God had for “me” to do.  I wanted the God-things!

God things are those things that are unique to you and only you.  There is a gift that God has given each one of us that when you give voice to it, it sounds like no other. It gives God glory because God placed it within you as a unique expression of Him.  The expression of this gift is your ministry.  It is the sole purpose you were placed on the earth.  It is your worship to God, or your reasonable act of service! Romans 12:1I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

One night before crawling into bed, the nerd in me stayed up to watch a YouTube video on the making of a butterfly. ???? I’m not sure who had enough patience to produce something so unique, but it caught my attention as I was in the process of writing this series on becoming who we already are. As fascinating as it seems, a butterfly is a butterfly even while it is a caterpillar.  I was surprised to learn that the caterpillar’s sole purpose is to eat as much food, or leaves, as it can so that it can store it for later.  This reminds me of the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carne. And I also learned that the longest phase of this metamorphosis is the cocoon phase.  This is where the butterfly spends the majority of its time–growing and developing.  BECOMING.

After spending all of what may be a year, the butterfly emerges with wings like no other creature.  The most shocking piece of this video was learning that the lifespan of a butterfly is all of about 2 weeks, where its purpose is to mate. This beautiful butterfly comes to life just to die.

When Jesus was born, the son of man had a purpose even while He was still a babe in the manger.  According to Luke 2:52, “He grew in wisdom and stature and favor with God and with man.”  As he grew, he entertained physicians in the temple at the age of 12, something unheard of at this time.  All who heard him were astonished.  It was clear that He had a gift.

Jesus spent 30 years on earth becoming, which led to 3 years of public ministry, all for 3 hours of purpose on the cross.  Although he went about doing good, He only did what His Father required of Him. Jesus knew Who He was and He didn’t have to DO anything for validation or proof.

I find it not strange that as Satan tempts Jesus in Luke 4, Satan calls Jesus “being” into question by asking “if thou be the son of God”…and follows it with a suggested action. Each time Jesus responded with what the Word of God declares about that particular condition.  Jesus knew who He was and that the work was finished.  It was complete before He even completed it.

If you want to humor God, try presenting Him your plans.  When the enemy presents good things for you to do, or tries to get you to prove who you are–use discernment to know which things are from God and which things are just good distractions…and choose wisely. According to James 4:7, “submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

Prayer focus:
Thank you for making me who I am in you.  I pray for discernment as I study your Word.  Give me a new determination to fulfill my God given assignment and order my steps in Your Word.  Your plans for me are perfect and ultimately better than anything I could ever come up with on my own.  I trust that you You will lead me into my wealthy place. I resolve to be ALL that you have created me to BE today!
In Jesus name.


April McCullough