Jamie Edelbrock

Jamie is a wife and mother, sister, daughter and friend. She’s worn lots of hats, some of  which include,​ Homeschool Mom, Preschool Director, and Family Ministry Director. She is  currently a speaker, world traveler and aspiring author. She is also the founder and creator of I'm Covered.



Jamie's Faith Story

I was born and raised in a christian home. My parents were very involved in the church so we were at church all day, every Sunday and multiple times during the week.

My parents did  their best to protect and shelter us from the world, and for all intents and purposes, they did a  good job. However, my view of the world and of Jesus, was distorted because I was seeing Him  and everything else through my perfectly placed rose colored glasses.  

In 2003, I married my highschool sweetheart. All of my perfect dreams were coming  true and I imagined we would live happily ever after. We did for a while. In fact, we had  everything we wanted, including three beautiful children, a boat, and season football tickets to our favorite college team. We lived right down the street from our family and we had great  jobs.

To make things more ideal, just like I grew up, we were very involved in the church. We  were there all day, every Sunday and multiple times during the week. Everything was perfect.   

Right after our 12th wedding anniversary, our lives drastically changed when my  husband accepted a job across the country. We quickly packed up and moved away from  everyone and everything we knew.

I was hopeful, but naive in thinking this was a part of our  “happy ever after” lifestyle. My rose colored glasses fell off quickly as my husband started to  travel for months at a time. I felt alone and instead of turning to Jesus, I turned to work. Work  became my new family and it wasn’t long before our marriage started to break, our family  started falling apart and I felt more alone than ever. My vision of happily ever after was  shattered. I was lonely and losing hope of ever having our perfect life again.   

I thought I knew Jesus, but I didn’t know the power of Jesus until I was broken and  crying in the shower. I would have given anything to find my rose colored glasses. I asked Him  to take away the pain and loneliness. I was angry at him for allowing our marriage and family to fall apart. I was mad that my life wasn’t anything I had wanted or imagined.

Although I was  raised as a christian, this was the first time I’d come to Him as my authentic, imperfect self. It  was then I felt Him cover me. I was given the strength to get up, the peace to persevere and the wisdom to heal. From that moment on, I started to embrace who I was, broken pieces and all,  and let God have control.

It’s been five years since that moment and our life certainly isn’t what I thought it would  be. My husband still travels, I no longer have a job, and all three of my children see a therapist.  Our house is chaotic, our life is messy and our family is beautifully broken. And you know  what? I wouldn't want it any other way. Why? Because Jesus met me, and continues to meet  imperfect me, in my messes. He gives me everything I need, and I no longer need my rose  colored glasses.