Jessica Roman

My name is Jessica Roman I was adopted.  Born in Yonkers, Ny raised in White plains, NY.  I grew up in a dysfunctional relationship with my biological mom. Looking back I remember not having any food to eat, and being abandoned and left alone while my mom was out partying.

Eventually things got so rough someone called CPS.  I winded up getting adopted and going through that process. I witnessed and saw things children and teens should never go through. I was one such teen and was molested by a staff member.

After all those hardships I was placed into a family and I thought this is home. Shortly after Carloynn’s passings, all the adopted children including myself lived the Cinderella life while they were living the good life.

I remember eating hash in a can and standing in corners for hours while they are eating steak. Long story short they kicked me out and I became homeless. That is when I hit rock bottom. I was abandoned by my biological sister and was raped that night by multiple people.

God lead me to Yonkers, NY,  where I met Christ and I met my soon to be husband.  It wasn’t until this point that the waves started to remain calm. I went through a lot of trials that no women should face. I now realize that God was molding me into the woman who I am today. Now I can help broken women break the cycle of abuse.
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