Jesus Crucified

Jesus on the Cross  “The Passion”





John 19: 16-18 “So the soldiers took charge of Jesus and carrying His own cross, He went out to the place of the skull which is called Golgotha. Here they crucified Him and two others: one on each side of Him, and Jesus in the middle.”

Have you accepted your salvation without realizing what a sacrifice it cost your Father in heaven? He loves you and me very much to give His only son to redeem your and my sinful lives from eternal separation and to avoid spending eternity in a place of fire and brimstone. I have two sons, and do not have a faith equal to that of Abraham who was willing to offer his son Issac as a sacrifice. When God told him to offer his son as a sacrifice, He had raised his hand with a knife to kill his son when God saw his faith and stopped him. But the Father in heaven loved you and me so much, He willingly gave His son Jesus as a sacrifice for your sins and mine..

Prayer thought: Why not pause and let us thank our heavenly Father for His great love and compassion


Doris Lisemby