Jesus is the Life Changer: Day 4


Getting Fit for the Kingdom – The Best Exercise

Exercise is not my favorite thing. I am reminded of a young woman in our town who worked on the torturous stepping machine at the local health club right up until she gave birth to her triplets! That’s right she had already had an exercise regimen that included this arduous task, so it wasn’t hard for her to continue it.

Oh beloved, God has an exercise program fit just for you! Right now you may feel totally exhausted. There’s no way you can fix this condition in the natural. Your strength and spiritual toning only comes from being in the Lord’s Presence. Much of what feels like being extremely tired comes from discouragement because of circumstances and natural conditions. God knows all your trials and disappointments and the discouragement is weighing heavily on you even now. But He has a plan to rectify your situation and strengthen your spirit. In walking with Him and talking with Him you will find strength to go the course, stay the route and finish the race. This is strength beyond self-sufficiency and personal fitness.

God loves you and He’s for you. It’s time to make time to encourage yourself in the LORD–in spiritual truth–and take the time to be rejuvenated in mind, spirit and body. The Lord Himself gives you triple strength as you lean all your troubles on Him. He’s working in you even now to create a spiritual fitness to stay the course all the way to heaven. Trust Him, listen to His Voice and let Him pace you as a believer as you learn to exercise in the Light of His Truth!

Isaiah 40: 29He gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases power.”

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