Jesus on Trial




John 18: 12 b-14  “… after Jewish officials arrested Jesus, they bound Him and brought Him first to Annas,. father in law of Ciaphas, the high priest that year, who had advised the Jews that it would be good if one man died for the people.”

Can you conceive of the ill-treatment shown the Savior of the world?

Instead of treating Him with love and respect, He was treated like a criminal.

But before we are too critical of those people: have you and I shown Jesus the respect He deserves in our lives? Have we given Him first place, or do we accept His sacrifice without realizing that it cost Him His life?

Prayer: Father in heaven, forgive us when we fail to thank You for the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, your own begotten Son. Help each individual who reads this devotion yield his/ her life more fully unto You. In Jesus’ name Amen

Doris Lisemby