Meet “Kelly Davis”

I am a Georgia born and bred 44 year old. I am the youngest daughter of a Godly Baptist preacher and his wife who were in ministry for over 45 years. I am on my second marriage of 15 years to a wonderful man named Frank who just surrendered the call to preach about 6 years ago. We have 2 fabulous sons, Austin and Drew who are 22 and 12. I have worked clerically in the medical field for 26 years using my job as a means to fulfill my calling of pouring into and encouraging women.

In 2007, I started writing when my great nephew was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I started writing prayer requests and emailing them to family and friends. Through God my nephew’s story went through not only Georgia but all the way to China and other places in the US as well.

God has given me and my husband a passion to disciple and encourage Christians by being transparent and simply doing life with them and showing others the love of Christ. In September 2015, God very clearly showed us our ministry was in Arkansas so we packed up our stuff and moved to Bismark Arkansas with faith and very little else. We had no jobs or prospects but God has provided us with great jobs and all of our needs.

Now God has blessed me with a job as a school secretary giving me extra time off to be with my family. I look forward to sharing some of the things God has shown me through the years.



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Kelly’s Faith Story

I grew up in a very loving Christian home which talked about Jesus and His love and expectations from birth. I knew my parents loved me. I even knew that God loved me. I first felt the pull of God at 9 years old. See I had been to my friend’s house and stole some of her pennies from her dresser. The next day was Sunday and I was convicted of my sin, so at that time I repented but really didn’t know what a relationship with Jesus was. I was riding my parents coat tails so to speak.  Then at 15 we had an evangelical group of teens come from a church out of town and I never will forget when the visiting teen said “if you are not bumping heads with the devil it means you are walking the same way as he is so he has no reason to mess with you.”  I was so very convicted and knew I had never genuinely accepted Jesus as my Savior. I went down to the alter after the sermon that day and truly repented and gave my life to Christ. I immediately felt a love and peace I had never known. I was so excited to have Christ in my life. I stayed pretty immature in my relationship until my late twenties when Jesus really showed me His love and acceptance in a way I had only dreamed about. Then I was discipled for many years learning how to grow in my relationship with Christ. I am still learning how to walk as He walked and how to disciple others.