King Jehoshaphat



Scripture: Psalms 107:1 – Give thanks to the Lord; for He is good. His steadfast love endures forever


Message: Recently the Old Testament story of King Jehoshaphat came up in my reading and it’s a very noteworthy story especially in the face of adversity because well they were, too! A short summary can read, king Jehoshaphat gets word of enemies invading the land and his response is to seek God. He doesn’t only seek God but he gets others to do so, too. His faith is seen by taking the action of fasting. The king’s prayer overviews some of God’s character, his promises, and his faithfulness. All the while it’s a prayer of distress as he is crying out to God knowing that he’ll “hear and save.” The people are pictured as gathered and Jahaziel speaks saying he has heard from God. This seems odd in our day but remember these people didn’t have all of scripture like we do today so God’s primary way of speaking was through people. In response the king praised, thanked, and obeyed God EVEN before victory was seen.

There are a handful of tid bits that I took away from this story… (2 Chronicles 20:1-4, 18-21)

1) Admit the struggle and fear is a natural reaction to a “great multitude.”

2) Our response to fear (or other discomforts) is the key; run to the Father!!

3) Faith requires action.

4) One can’t do hard stuff alone and we are made to seek God together!

5) Praise God even before the victory. (how much more can our hearts be full of praise knowing what we know about Jesus’ cross and resurrection)??

Call to action: Go explore this story more (2 Chronicles 20) and think how you could apply it to today.

Allie Braitenberg