Meet “Kundai Tanaka”

I am a self-published author and blogger based in Harare, Zimbabwe, with over 10 years of experience in writing. My ministry is founded on a message of restoration. I help people become EVERYTHING God has made them by sharing God’s word on identity, purpose, intimacy with the Father, and healing from past hurts. I am married to my high school then crush and now best friend Happy, a self-published Christian author with 3 titles under his name.



Kundai’s Faith Story

At age 5, I lost my father, which led to daddy issues, anger, and bitterness.  Years later, when I discovered God’s healing power, I started to think, “I could have just laid hands on him, and he would have recovered.” This led to self-condemnation. That coupled with an unrealistic pursuit for perfection led to depression, hopelessness, and frustration.

However, God restored me, and today I’m living a fulfilled life. 

After years of frustration in an engineering profession I once loved, I finally had the courage to pack my bags and become everything God has made me, that is, pursue ministry full-time. Since then, I’ve published a book and helped others discover their life purpose & find fulfillment through one-on-one prayer sessions, teachings, and encouragement.


Am I? I AM: Identity, Relationship, and Authority, the pillars of purpose and destiny
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