Laura MacFarland’s New Study

Join Laura Macfarlan shares news about her new 4 week study in Psalms.  To sigh up

  1. Go here to subscribe to the Cross My Heart Ministry YouTube channel (it’s totally free!):

Then check back on May 8 (or later) to watch the Introduction to the Study.

  1. Download the free Bible study here:
    Complete the daily questions on your own.  It is available in both pdf or Word format. You can even write out the answers on your own paper if you don’t have access to a printer.

Take your time with these. Think. Pray. Ask God to teach you. There are daily questions, but you can take more time if you want. No need to rush.

  1. After completing each week’s study, go to the YouTube channel and watch that week’s video teaching. Lessons for each week will posted as follows:Week 1: May 8 (Introduction)
    Week 2: May 15 (Psalm 23)
    Week 3: May 22 (Psalm 34)
    Week 4: May 29 (Psalm 139)