Lavished in His Love

The word “lavish” is not used much any more. Its connotation, however, is one of abundance almost overflowing. I think of this in the light of a bridal or baby shower I remember having three bridal showers, including my church, my husband’s Sunday School group, and a childhood friend’s. We only received one baby shower from my blind friends. In any case, we were grateful for their wonderful outpouring of love.

God has also poured out His love toward the world- especially, to His children. First, He sent Jesus, to show us how much He loved us. And, we Gentiles, were chosen, because of the rejection of His chosen people, the Jews. John elaborates on this idea in 1 John 3:1, 4:4-8.

God had told His people through the prophet Jeremiah 31: 3“I have loved you with an everlasting love. “

He further makes it more personal in Is. 49: 16, “I have written your name in the palm of My hand.”  Since we are His child, He loves, cherishes, and lavishes His love on us- just because.

I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to get up and dance! Because of Jesus coming down to mankind, taking the form of a servant

Phil. 2:2-5, “dying for our sins, and rising from the dead, so we could live with Him forever”– what more do we need

Lord, remind us this Christmas, how you Lavished Your love upon the world by sending Your Son. As we lavish others with acts of kindness, or on our loved ones, may we remember as Your children what You gave to us. May we share the love of Christ with a hurting world. We praise and thank You. We love You, Lord. In Your Precious Name we pray. Amen!

Olivia Ostergaard