Laziness or Contentment



Laziness or Contentment



I remember when my husband and I were planning to take early retirement because of my parents’ failing health, I had no idea of the plans God still had for my life. But God knew and equipped me to serve in some interesting and challenging ways. I’d spent thirty-two years in the teaching profession and have spent almost thirty-six years serving in other ways.

Some may consider retirement as the time to take life easy; many however, feel as I now feel: that it is a time to perform other activities God has planned for us. Many are living longer lives and what a waste if those extra years are not used in beneficial ways. I realize some are not able to serve due to mental conditions, but if God has blessed us with alert minds, let’s show our gratitude.

Perhaps it is partly due to my personality that I feel an urgency to be involved in a few activities that I consider worthwhile. But at an early age I learned the discipline of hard work, and at my current age I realize the danger of procrastination. We do not have the promise of tomorrow!

I’m not trying to give the impression that I spend all my time working; I enjoy sitting in my recliner and watching some NBA basketball games, watching re-runs of some old television shows, and occasionally watching a Perry Mason movie with my son. Also when feeling well, I enjoy going to Disney World with my family and eating at special restaurants. But since my last two bouts with pneumonia, I have not attended church and Sunday school as often as during many years, but have been warned about being in crowds.

Laziness was condemned in the Bible: Paul had heard that some in the church were lazy and depending on others for their needs; so he sent a letter to the Thessalonians stating that “those who were able and did not work would not be allowed to eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3: 10.


Father, even the tiny ant is commended for her labor of storing up food for the winter. Though You want us to be busy, help us take some time to rest in Your arms of love: because it is a wonderful privilege to be one of your Children and have the opportunity to serve You; so forgive us when we have misused some of the time allotted us. We pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

But there is a vast difference between laziness and relaxing in the arms of Jesus.


Doris Lisemby