Lessons From My Cat

I just love it when God uses something natural to teach me a spiritual lesson.  That is what He did this morning.

We live in the country surrounded by a pasture and woods on 3 sides.  So inevitably there have been a few fury “friends” come up to my house that were most unwelcome in my book.

After the first fury “friend” was found inside I took matters in my own hands.  I got a cat.  A beautiful calico cat aptly named …. Calli.   She was a inside cat for years but my cat is a hunter and she would sit, cry and stare out the window into the yard, pasture or trees longingly.

We eventually decided she was much happier outside with an occasional inside visit.  I am my cat’s person.  She is very decisive on who she wants to please in the family and it has always been me.  She would from time to time bring me “presents” and it did not matter who else in the house saw it, if I didn’t see it she would literally lay it at my feet or right where she knew I would be.

Calli has since grown old and leaves fewer and fewer presents ( I don’t mind really ), however, she has left me two presents in the last two weeks.  Again she brings it to the threshold of the back door where I am sure to find it and praise her for being a good hunter!!

Now as I thought of this while getting ready this morning, I thought… do I use my talents, energy and time to bring a sacrifice to my Master in order for Him to be pleased with me?  You see, she now is much more particular due to her age as to what sort of presents are available.

However, she sacrifices her time, energy and yes her hunting skill to bring me a present in order to please her master.  Wow, I have to say that I am not near as dedicated in trying to please my Master when it requires additional, time, energy or talent.

I hope that whoever reads this will get their aha moment as I did and learn from my dear hunter Calli, that regardless of our age, physical, emotional, or spiritual limitations that we will do whatever we can do daily to please our Master!!!


Kelly Davis