3 Ways to Care for Your Soul

Let’s summarize today’s post with the work PRACTICE. These three practices are so helpful for consistent soul care:

☝*Practice spiritual habits- eading the Bible, prayer journaling, meditation, contemplative prayer are spiritually rewarding practices that help connect you connect with God and experience His spirit.

✌*Practice humility- humility is simply the act of putting your own self importance in the appropriate place and it is the door to human goodness. When we are humble we can see the bigness of God. When we are humble we can appreciate grace and admit when we are wrong. When we practice humility we are reflecting the posture of Jesus and create space for the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

👌*Practice gratitude- this is a wonderful combatant against soul sickness. Stopping to acknowledge the blessings of life, the gifts from God, is healing act of worship and shifts perspective almost instantly.

Which practice do you want to try out today??

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