Is Narrative Coaching for You?

Is narrative coaching for you?
My instinct is to say YES! But that is because I am passionate about it! But, let me make the case for it first.
✔Have you struggled with habits that you have tried and tried to break but it just hasn’t worked?
✔Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated, or lost in your identity. Have you tried counseling to cope with trauma but still have feelings of hopelessness or anxiety that you can’t quite conquer?
✔Are you questioning God, your faith, or your theology?
I can help. Narrative coaching is a wholistic approach that helps you start at the beginning and become an observer of your life in order to really analyze what has brought you to the present- and then decide whether to keep, disregard or change the story you have created based on those life experiences. It is empowering, clarifying, and freeing and I would argue ANYONE can benefit.

Carissa Hardage

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