Learn to Identify Negative Self Talk


First let me encourage you- everyone struggles in this area to some extent or another. It is so easy to be hard on ourselves! But, we don’t actually have to be if we just pay our thoughts a little extra attention, and give our thoughts a little extra intention.
Negative thoughts are sticky- our brain attracts them and believes the negative more easily because we are wired as humans to be on guard for anything that might harm us. This simply wires us to look for “bad.”
On the flip side, positive thoughts are slippery and slide away much more easily so they need repetition in order to stick. What so many of us don’t realize is we are not at the mercy of our thoughts. WE get to decide what is or isn’t correct about ourselves. If something is making you feel consistently bad- IT PROBABLY ISN’T TRUE.

In all the negative we feel, think, and hear… what does God say about you? Let’s choose to believe Him today. With so many choices, information, and influences around us there is ample opportunity for us to think terrible things about ourselves. But the One who made you says this:

If you trust in God as your creator, do you trust what He says? Maybe you can focus on His perspective of you as true, He did make you after all. God says you are: loved, light, forgiven, good, valued, and purposed. Sit quietly for a moment and let your thoughts go… what is dominating them, positive messages that make you feel all those descriptors I just gave you? Or negative.
Don’t judge your thoughts or beat yourself up for having them. Just choose today- right now, what you want to believe to be true. The good- said by God himself. Or the bad (and what justification is there to prove those true anyway?)
Repeat one of those descriptors to yourself today over and over until you chose to believe they are true. You are loved. Your are light. You are valuable. That is TRUE.

Carissa Hardage

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