Running with God’s Plan for My Life


Galatians 5: 7 – You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth? (NIV)

I am sitting on the porch this morning trying to soak up all that God is trying to show me through His word. Last year I participated in Phyllis Shirer’s study of Jonah. The memories of this study came back to me this morning when I began thinking about the times in my life when I became frustrated because God interrupted my life. I personally thought everything was going just fine and I had a handle on everything.

These are the times when I have the plan and they are all laid out in front of me and I don’t need anyone to help me, much less God.. Basically, God’s plan was not my plan and I stepped out on my own. Then the inevitable happens, my plan wasn’t going as I had planned. But I was still in control and was driven my own selfish pride. I needed help but was to prideful to ask anyone, much less God.

Have you ever been there my friend? Chances are you have been in this same self-imposed situation but pride keeps you from acknowledging it much less confessing the sin of pride to God. Why don’t we go to God first or when He comes to us with an assignment why do we run in the other direction?

I am a little frightened about how much of Jonah I am seeing in myself. Jonah ran away from God but he couldn’t get away from God. I grow weary from running in circles following my pride in endless self-ordained missions.

I want to follow Jesus and to serve Him. God rocked my world through a divine intervention and he let me know that He was not through with me. He also gave me an assignment which I have been neglecting far too long. It is time for me to stop running on a treadmill that is taking me nowhere and pick up where I left off and do what God has called me to do.

Dear friends, we are all running:

  1. We are running away – from someone, from a task, an idea and even from God.
  2. We are running toward something or someone. Some are running toward anything that is out there to get away from their past or present situations.
  3. We are running with someone or something. Are you running with someone to help them find their peace or helping them to carry their burden?
  4. We are running in circles with no destination in sight. The old saying, “Stop the world I want to get off” comes to mind.
  5. We are running to win (no one wants to be second much less last)

Today, I choose to run toward my Heavenly Father. His arms are open wide and He is waiting for me.

Father God, please forgive me when I run away from you and your will for my life. I know that I am the one who not only cuts in on you but I cut in on myself. I know that my life and my heart cannot go anywhere without your knowledge. Help me Lord to keep my focus on you and your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen


Betty Lacy