Let Freedom RING!

My laptop screen died.  I possessed a God-given sense to self, just failed to have the sense to “Cart and Check-out” with the correct item.  The faithful UPS driver was certainly happy when I finally hit the screen lottery!  That little chasing my tail story to say this, blogging happens when the need arises and bless it, the need arises at odd times.  Odd places.  Odd places require a lap top.  Laptop died.  My freedom to blog as before was no more.  A silly thing really; but silly, real and hindered.  My freedom and a itty-bitty ministry was hindered. My freedom…(cue the laugh) when you consider Paul was “hindered” and his hindrance was far more severe than an ailing piece of equipment.

A dear friend of mine traveled to a far land and experienced the opportunity to visit one of Paul’s jail cells.  She recounted, with the deepest sense of sadness, of no bars, no stainless steel, but a hole in the earth.  His freedom was confined to a deep, damp hole in the earth.  Yet, he continued.  Ohhh, hold up.  There is NO comparison between myself and Paul.  Just an example of loss of freedom, biblical time and 2019.  Just a reminder, Satan is also timeless and rolls with the times!

Many of us today suffer with finding that blessing of freedom.  We live work to home, strictly and tightly confined by stress and life in America 2019. The types and sizes of the chains available are far to numerous for this gal…schedules, Pinterest ideals, keeping up with the “social Jones”, debt, keeping those hair roots hidden, you get the idea!  Satan is good, y’all, at shackles!  My email self is certain the ole” heathen has a Pinterest board titled “Ideas for Jenny’s shackles” Amen!

God and I have a relationship and it’s solid, has been for sometime now.  He gifted free freedom a long time ago.  It’s time to pull that gift to the front and begin experiencing the joys.  Let FREEDOM ring folks.

Galatians 5: 13 “For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature.  Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.”


Jenny Stafford