Light and Darkness




Last year waking to the news of another horrific tragedy, my first thought was that this may not be the big end of the world, but this end is just as final for many, and those who survive will bear the scars forever. I prayed.

A few days later I was invited to a concert by Craig Morgan. My friend had won great tickets, very close to the stage. Craig Morgan is a master story teller and has written many songs. This was his American Stories tour and the revenue is used to benefit a national non-profit organization that he has partnered with to provide mortgage free homes to veterans. After singing a couple of songs they set up five chairs and microphones. Three other singers were seated along with Clint Romesha, a recipient of the medal of honor and author of the book The Red Platoon. Then for the next two hours they went around the circle sharing stories and songs. The music was excellent and the stories inspiring. We live in a wonderful yet heartbreakingly broken world.

In the Gospel, John speaks of Christ, and we are reminded that “The light shined out in the darkness and the darkness couldn’t overcome it (John 1:5).”

We are to be Christ for the world. Our world is in great need of an outpouring of random acts of kindness, songs of praise and gentle melody, prayer and helping hands…

It’s time to let our light shine.

Linda Cumbie