Living A Guilt-free Life

After a believer’s sin has been forgiven and all guilt removed, she should be able to live her life as free as a bird of the air; however, even birds sometimes have their difficulties. God prepares food for them and knows when one falls to the ground, but even birds of the air have their problems. Nevertheless, soon after a tragedy, notes of cheer can be heard as a mother bird hovers over her empty nest.

Nor has God promised to remove all road-blocks from a believers life as she travels her journey of life. Most individuals will face forks in their road of life and will struggle to determine which road to take. There will be some detours, and many caution and stop signs which should be heeded. And have you ever noticed how many red lights there are when in a hurry? But when we see a red light as we travel the journey of life, we should wait and not run ahead of God.

Some may think after they retire and reach old age, life will easier, but we should enjoy life in the present. We have no promise of tomorrow, and even if we did, Satan does not respect old age. He knows time is limited and more than likely, he will triple his efforts to make life miserable for such ones. But as promised, God’s grace will be sufficient for any need.

Although coping with some physical limitations during old age, I am l blessed at 98 years of age not to wear glasses, have all of my front teeth, and some of the others, am able to walk in my home with the help of a walker, have never had a broken bone, and thus far can take care of personal grooming, and do a few other activities. Since I believe God is leaving me here for a purpose, I try to be busy part of the time.

Of course I have regrets for past sins and failures, but I will to allow the Holy Spirit to have control of my life; therefore, Satan will never again have complete victory in my life.

“For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded He is able to keep that which I committed unto Him against that day.”   2 Timothy 1: 12b.

Father, thank You for Your presence and for each blessing You bestow upon my old life. Most of all, thank You for rescuing my sinful life and adopting me into Your royal family. Thanks also for your sustaining grace and mercy from day to day. And thank You for Jesus Christ, my Savior, and the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit Who lives in my heart. I pray this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Doris Lisemby