Look At Me

Do you remember caring for a child that wouldn’t listen or maybe you were at the doctor right before a shot and needed your child to focus on anything but the needle? You grabbed that child by the sweet little chin and looked directly and deeply into their eyes and said, “Look at me! Look – at – me. Focus on me. Stay focused on ME.”

Don’t you think that God wants and sometimes has to do that to us to get our attention? I truly believe God sometimes needs to say the same things to us, but he adds something else that is very special. A special promise only he can give. He whispers “look at me! Look – at – me. Focus on me. Stay focused on me and I will bless you more than you could EVER imagine. Focus on me! I am here and I’m holding your little hand, but you keep squirming. I have you, you’ll be okay – trust me.”

Why do we do that? We ask our children to focus on us, to trust, to stop squirming. It’s really not an unusual request and we expect them to follow our directions, but when the creator of all things asks us to do the same we tend to find numerous excuses.

Even Job who God considered blameless and upright struggles to listen in the midst of turmoil, Job 37: 2 said, “Listen! Listen to the roar of his voice, to the rumbling that comes from his mouth.” And in Job 37: 14Listen to this Job, stop and consider God’s wonders.”

Many times we reply with a “really God? Are you sure? Or maybe, why don’t you just let me fix it?”

My precious sisters in Christ, we must refuse to be the Mom here. Being the Mother is not our role; no we are the child whose hand is held. Our eyes should be focused in only one direction. This seemingly simple task gets very complicated in our messed up world. Please take time today to just sit and gaze at him, to climb up into his lap and rest, to refocus your eyes and still your hands. You will not be sorry you took time to see the mighty one.


Beth Shumate