Look Up!

It was my first time in the radiation room. I was on my back,arms above my head, for the cancer treatment and heard the technician say ” We’re ready to start now. We will be able to see and hear you in case you need us.” She smiled and walked out the door. I heard the heavy door close and all was silent.  It seemed like I was in a vacuum. Not a sound. I was feeling entirely isolated. Soon I heard a whirring sound and we were underway. I started praying for God to give me strength and courage.

As the machine rolled around to get another angle to radiate the tumor, I noticed pictures on the ceiling that were hand drawn by family members and friends of patients. One said ” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” I smiled to see how he reassures us.
Another beautiful abstract painting caught my eye. It had soft pastels and soothing colors. It gave me a peace just looking at it. As I looked closer I saw a name on the painting. It said Hillary Vest. I was shocked. It was done by a sweet girl I knew who had the lead in a Christian musical I wrote a few years before. The name of the musical is Look Up!

I immediately thought of a friend who had a procedure and she said the words of the “Look Up” song had ministered to her as she was taken into the operating room.
I began to say the words of the song in my head. As I did I felt like The Lord was right there beside me. Smiling and giving me His reassurance.

The words to the chorus are as follows:

You’ll never be alone if you look up. And you know He’s always there.
You’ll never be alone if you look up and your burdens He will share.
Now you’ll hit some bumps along the way that can shake your very soul.

But you’re not alone if you look up and His love will make you whole.


The time there instead of being a time of fear and anxiety, became a time of reassurance and revelation. A special moment of feeling the presence of our precious Lord.

“I will never leave you or forsake you “ Hebrews 13: 5


Ron Chivers recorded the song. Click on the arrow below to listen to “Look Up!”

Louise Dick

Louise Dick is a mother of two and grandmother of five. She met her husband Jim as a freshman at the University of Del and they have been married 58 yrs this June! She lives in Destin Fl. She’s A former first grade teacher real estate broker and has written a book and a musical (Look Up!) based on her grandmothers life. It is the story of a woman who had serious struggles and who’s faith was tested yet she finally realizes God is with her through the hard times as well as the good. She’s excited to find “My Journey of Faith” and the opportunity it offers women to encourage one another in Christ.