Lord, Help Me To Be A Friend

Day by Day Devotions


“Lord, Help Me To Be A Friend”

Matthew 5:16 (KJV) “Let your light so shine before me that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Take a moment to reflect on what kind of friend you are…

I’m going to share with you things that have been shared with me over the years about how to be a friend.

  • Say less, listen more.  The more you say, the less people listen.  People don’t care how much you know, they just want to know how much you care.  This was very good advice.
  • I’ve had friends come and pour out their hearts…get up to leave and say, “Thanks for the advice.”  (I hadn’t said a word)  All they needed was an ear.
  • Have you ever had someone ask you to pray for them?  And you say, “I will” but then you forgot.  God has really checked me on this one.  Those friends are depending on us.
  • I used to worry about my house…I didn’t want anyone to come over if my floor hadn’t been swept or the furniture dusted.  But now I have a sign that says…
“My house was clean last week…Sorry you missed it!”

I’ve learned by experience…
When I was in the hospital for surgery and when Mom passed away…Friends would call and ask if they could help by bringing food, cleaning the house, shopping, watching the children while we were at visitation, or watch the house while we were gone.  They were such a blessing.  If we don’t allow them to help…we are taking a blessing away from them.  This is their way of showing God’s love to us.

This is my Prayer:

Make Me a Blessing

“Make me a Blessing, Make me a Blessing
Out of my life, May Jesus Shine
Make me a Blessing, O Savior I pray
Make me a Blessing to someone today.”

by Ira B. Wilson, “Make Me a Blessing,” copyright 1924 by George S. Schuler.