Meet “Mandy Kilbourn”

Mandy is a girl trying desperately to figure out how all the craziness of her life fits into God’s plan—and trying to come to terms with not knowing (she’s a bit of a control freak).

She’s a wife to one and mom to two, and right now she’s finishing her Master of Science in Education and Physics. She’s finishing her education classes online, so it gives her plenty of time to drink too much coffee and procrastinate about writing.

Mandy has published several novels that explore the battle between good and evil in the world of fantasy as well as the devotional book.
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Mandy’s Faith Story

Mandy’s story coming soon!

The Prophecy

THE PROPHECY is a fantasy novel, the story of a young man named Paodin and a young Healer named Syndria. They are thrust together in a battle to free the kingdom of Tundyel from a cruel king, but soon find that their ultimate battle isn’t against him. Instead, it is a fight against a Darkness more evil and dangerous than they realize.

Mandy’s first novel and the first in the Sons of Tundyel series.


Glimpses of His Magnificence

GLIMPSES OF HIS MAGNIFICENCE is a 4-week devotional on the power of God. While the message of God’s love is amazing, it seems today that it gets chosen over the reminder that God is awesomely powerful, that He is the Supreme Ruler of the universe He created. This small devotional serves as a reminder of that, and each scripture is written out in the pages so it is easy to use any time or anywhere.