Meet Manette Masell

I’m a country girl who is a stay at home Rancher’s wife ~

I’m a Momma ~ Granny ~

Moo Moo photographer ~

Nature explorer ~

And a lover of God made things.


Manette's Faith Story

I was fortunate enough to be a Preachers kid. My daddy pastored several churches in Texas and Oklahoma. Growing up I was taught of God’s love through Jesus Christ.However, in 1979 I completely gave my life over to Him. In the early 80’s the calling came to go to the Philippines as Missionaries.

 I packed up my belongings and moved with my Mom and Daddy leaving behind the only world I ever knew. It was challenging to say the least, but the rewards were far greater then the challenges we faced by witnessing people come to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. I met my husband through my Momma’s match making skills.

Several years later and a passel of children we moved further out to the country where we run over 300 head of cattle and tend to over 2,000 acres where we cut hay, harvest pecans, pick sand plumbs, wild blackberries, and run a few horses.

Our faith was tested by the death of a grandson in 2011. It is something you never quite get over, but through God, you do walk through those deep valleys of pain knowing God is always there beside you. God in all His beautiful ways comforts us still with the knowing our Luke has achieved what we here on earth are striving for.

We have faced so many trials in our lives where we honestly didn’t know how much more we could bare, but we realize that we live in a very broken world and it’s through our faith in God that we put our trust in the one who loves us more than we could ever imagine.

My desire is to take you on walks with me, exploring country life through my eyes all the while knowing our Heavenly Father is forever present through trials we face as well as the rewards we are given.

There is always something beautiful to be seen in God made things