Man’s Need for Security


During these times of turmoil and uncertainty, we need security, which society is unable to give us. Solomon was a man who had tried wine, women, and apparently all other ways of the world, but had come to the conclusion that nothing the world has to offer can bring peace and security.

Many of us have worked hard throughout our lives, and now some are concerned about the little nest egg which was invested, but is giving us almost nothing for the use of our money. Perhaps it would be safer to bury our money, as did some of our ancestors for safekeeping.

Many advances have been made in education since our forefathers attended one room schools, but currently there is more crime, gangs, more drug and alcohol abuse, and an alarming disintegration of homes. We have better trained law enforcement officials; yet crimes are rampant . We read and hear about many burglaries, rapes, child and spouse abuse, murders, and other heinous crimes even in small towns.

During these days of distrust and uncertainty, we find it necessary to read the small print in contracts and other legal documents. Even in some churches there is a lack of trust and confidence. Since the organization of the church during Paul’s time, some leaders have brought shame and embarrassment to the cause of Christ.

Perhaps by now you are convinced that society has little to offer that can bring us security in an insecure world.

We can find that security only in God and His word; so Father help us look to You for security in this insecure world. Amen.


Doris Lisemby


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