Master in the Marvelous and the Miserable





“I said to the Lord, “You are my master! Every good thing I have comes from you.”” Psalms 16:2


He is my master… in good times (like the wonderful beach vacation my husband and I just shared), when weather is beautiful, when life brings joy and blessing, when prayers are answered as I prayed, when blessings are present and tribulations are far away. Oh, how I can proclaim He is my master and He is good and all good things are from Him!!!  What Jesus follower would state differently?

Yet, what do I proclaim when death comes to a loved one for whom I prayed, or I am hurt by a trusted one, or life is unfair, or financial disaster comes, or life is filled with illness and God says “no” to my prayers. Is He still enthusiastically proclaimed as my master?  Do I still as vigorously share how good He is?  I might do so after God works with me and I sift through whatever seems to just not be right.  Oh, but how I pray and desire to proclaim Him master and giver of all good things in the bad times as strongly and vigorously as the good times regardless of the circumstances. That would be victory for me and glory for him! May I grow to do so in Jesus’ name!


Carol Bailey